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Why we did it.

We have been developing web based mobile accessible intelligent work zone applications since - before the iPhone. Fast forward 15 years and 2/3 of the population using Smartphones - now you get Amber and Weather Alerts automatically based on your region. So we asked ourselves - with these facts and the advent of the connected vehicle, why not deliver audible content hands free. It would reduce roadside hazards, promote hands free operation by holstering phones in your vehicle, and provide the ability to provide richer informative content.  An additional benefit is it would enable easier access to information based on interest and location, rather than web searching or signing up for an all inclusive email list. We met with several project engineers, traffic control contractors, event coordinators and impacted facility users and painted a very general picture of what we had in mind.  Their general feedback, our experience with Intelligent Work Zones, coupled with the advent of the connected vehicle and people, we determined the idea was very cool and sounded really useful - but it was hard to judge its potential without seeing it.


An app is Born!

We built a basic prototype and it worked, but just barely. It was the minimum to convey the concept and further fuel the fire.  We went back to those engineers, contractors, event folks and users and showed them what we came up with.  After brainstorming and talking about possible things BLE could and could not do we had a clear vision of what Work Zone and Special Event Info (IWZ/SE) needed to be.  For it to really add value, it had to work, be flexible, safe, easy to use & understand & we had to make it affordable.

With these goals outlined we went to work on building the first IWZ/SE Beacon platform designed specifically for short term and temporary deployments.  We spent the first 6 months refining our mobile and web apps with the help of our first few (and very patient) customers.


With your help, we're always making it better!

We continue to improve IWZ/SE Info through feedback provided by our customers. IWZ/SE Info and its improvements are driven by customer feedback, we listen. We heard a lot about distracted driving and the issues surrounding it, and couldn’t agree more. We promote phones be holstered while driving and using audible messaging “hands free”. The added benefits are that now for the first time ever we can increase safety by positioning technologies for additional perceptual learning styles, and allow facility user to focus ahead and listen. Additionally -  if necessary connect people to additional specific information rather increasing signage hazards to convey a massage  The question now is - if a work zone or event talks to you, will you listen?

We're in it together, for the long haul.

We know the importance of roadside worker safety, training young and aging drivers, and making work sites and associated information accessible for all people cannot be overstated. We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to be a component in the way that your customers (the general public) engage and interact with progress as it happens, rather than feel like its happening to them.  As technology drives us forward we’ll continue to evolve and improve WorkZone/SpecialEvent Info, while always embracing the core values of safety - mobility - communications.

The Work Zone Info story:


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