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Things to know about WZInfo


Use Work Zone or Event Info to be notified of interesting things around you.  

The information is delivered in the form of Text, Audio, and Web pages.


For example: (to list a few)

    •    Project schedule

    •    Updates on upcoming events

    •    Detour/routing information

    •    Shuttle or pilot car status

    •    Status of traffic ahead

    •    Project walking tours

Other stuff you should know

 •    We don't collect any personal information about you or your device. 

 •    You can use the app anonymously - no login required.

 •    The messages you receive are created by project or event stakeholders 

 •    Your phone's Bluetooth must be on for the app to work. 

 •    Don't worry, it uses very little battery.

 •    You can check how much battery any app is using by going to settings/battery. 

 •    The app will detect beacons while running in the background, handsfree.

Sign your work zone or event and bring the  surroundings to life!


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