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Place a beacon where you want information available, and manage the content from the web manager interface - ITS easy
Using the free app you are automatically connected when you get "in the zone"
      Applications include:
Sidewalk or trail closures 
Self guided project tours
Real time project status updates
Audible message boards
Lane and road closure information
Intelligent Work Zone applications including:
Turn by Turn detour routing - Dynamic Merge - Travel/Delay Time - Truck Entry - Speed Management - Load Counting
Associating materials to GPS locations - Equipment Operator Alerts based on worker proximity

Location-based communications to enhance safety and mobility 

Beacons have an adjustable range of up to 80 meters, so you can deliver the right message at the right time.

Messages can be manually or dynamically changed to reflect current conditions

Customizable audible content  - Type your message, select the voice, and the audio is automatically  generated.

The QRTrax installation App helps connect beacon installations from the field to the web manager

User identity is not required or collected. Anonymous operation

Use the beacon map to manage your locations efficiently

The entire system uses encrypted channels with a secure server you can access to manage and make changes.

Batteries last for several years without a charge, and are monitored remotely. The app running in the background continuously - minimally impacts a smart phone battery.

Secure web user interface for managing content

Use your smartphone responsibly when walking or driving

When near a beacon, the app can open a link to a map or project website.

- A Sign of the Times -

Your smart phone now delivers location based audible messages and more - automatically

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